Are you ready to take your health to the next level? Whether you have a solid grasp on what it means to be healthy and are looking kick it up a notch or just looking to take that first step on your journey toward holistic health, Habitually Holistic courses are for you!

Hi, I’m Siri! Founder of Habitually Holistic, LLC.

I am a certified human performance coach with a special focus on functional nutrition. My background is in athletic performance, biochemistry, and integrative wellness. After overcoming several of my own health issues through functional nutrition and integrative lifestyle changes, I now help folks to do the same. Whether you're going after a PR or greater mental acuity, I help you make sustainable lifestyle changes by curating daily nutritional practices that optimize your unique biology.

I want you to show up as your strongest self for you & yours!

"You've unlocked more than 24hrs in my day. My eating patterns now add energy & focus to my day, rather than take away from it. You've made changing simple! Keep it up!"

-Rich, Structural Engineer